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Burrito Spot

Burrito Spot - Santa Fe, NM, Restaurant

Santa Fe, NM, restaurant Burrito Spot is the place to go for amazing Mexican food in a super comfortable setting. It offers its menu in both sit-down and as fast food, with its ultra-speed drive through window. Hours offered are both early and late so if it’s an easy as can be breakfast burrito you’re hankering for or late-night snack or meal, The Burrito Spot, a Santa Fe, New Mexico, Mexican restaurant has you covered. The food comes out freshly prepared, the portions are very generous and most of all, none of the menu items are heating up under a kitchen food heating lamp. From mid-town near Cordova Road to south on Airport Road, the Burrito Spot has three places in Santa Fe. The locations are 5741 Airport Rd., 1057 Cerrillos Road and 2201 Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe, NM.

Location 1: 2201 Cerillos Road

Location 2: 5741 Airport Road

Phone : (505) 474 - 6202



Daily 6:30AM -11PM